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Best cashback credit cards of 2021

The cashback credit cards can provide easy rewards for all your purchases without you having to worry about complicated redemption plans. We provide our top picks below.

Cashback credit cards allow consumers to earn a certain percentage of rewards for every dollar spent, and usually come with other benefits and consumer protection measures.

Because rewards are valuable and usually easy to redeem, cash back cards are one of the most popular types of credit cards.

Which cash back credit card best suits your needs? Usually, it depends on the category you spend the most money on, which cardholder treatment you prefer and whether you are willing to pay the annual fee.

Based on research on the cards available on ValuePenguin and the top cards of major issuers, we focus on the top 2020 cashback credit cards below.

Best cashback credit cards: Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business

Spend $4,500 to purchase goods within 3 months after opening an account, and you can get a cash reward of $500.

Our thoughts

CapitalOne® Spark® business cash has a lot to do, including the $500 bonus you can earn. In addition to getting the initial rewards, we also like that this card allows you to get unlimited 2% cash back for your business with every purchase.

And you can see it everywhere for every dollar spent. Not only is this a generous reward rate, but you don’t have to worry about bonus categories or income caps.

You can also get an employee card for free, so every time an employee makes a business-related purchase, you can earn cash. In terms of redemption options, you can redeem your points flexibility anytime and anywhere.


Cardholders can also get other benefits, including roadside assistance, waivers of foreign transaction fees, purchase protection against damage or theft, and extended warranty periods. You can earn a fixed 2% cashback for your business with every purchase, unlimited, everywhere, plus a generous $500 in cash. Redeem rewards anytime, anywhere.


Cardholders can enjoy the benefits of this card. The introduction fee for the first year is $0; after that, it is $95. The continuous APR is high, if you plan to make a balance, this card is not a good choice.

Best cashback gas credit card

Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card

If you purchase at least USD 1,000 of goods within the first 90 days after opening your account, you will receive a bonus of USD 200.

Our thoughts

The unique feature of the Bank of America® Cash Rewards Credit Card is that you can earn a 3% return in the category of your choice, including gasoline, online shopping, dining, travel, pharmacy or home decor and furniture. You will also get a 2% return in grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and a 1% return on all other purchases.

We hope this card does not include the annual fee. Please also note that you can return any amount of cash to a U.S. bank account or Merrill Lynch account in the form of a statement credit or deposit.


Earn 3% of income in categories you can choose, including gasoline, travel, etc. You can change the 3% category online or through the mobile app every month.

The initial APR for the first 15 months of purchases and balance transfers is 0%, and the subsequent APRs are 16.24%-26.24% (variable); balance transfers must start within 60 days of opening the account to meet the introduction fee rate.

No annual fee. Bank of America Priority Reward Program members can receive an additional 25% to 75% of rewards with their card.


Rewards in the 3% and 2% categories are limited to the first $2,500 combined consumption in these categories each quarter. This card does not have many meaningful cardholder benefits.

Best cashback credit cards

Best cashback credit card for poor, bad or limited credit

Discover it® Secured

For new cardholders, Discover will automatically match all cash back you earned at the end of the first year.

Our thoughts

Discoverit® Secured is a rare credit card that can be used by consumers with poor/limited credit, offering a good cash reward program and $0 annual fee.

Spend up to $1,000 at gas stations and restaurants each quarter, and you will get a 2% return (and then 1%), while all other purchases will receive a 1% return. For new cardholders, Discover will even double all rewards for you after the first year.

Discoverit® Secured is a secure credit card, which means you must put down a cash deposit to guarantee your credit limit.

Generally speaking, the credit limit you get will be the same as your deposit, so if you pay 500 USD in advance when you apply for the card, you can get a 500 USD credit limit.

Although using cash to guarantee your credit line may not seem ideal, over time, a secured card can easily qualify and be used to establish a better credit line.

Moreover, once your credit limit is guaranteed, you don’t have to worry about paying annual fees to maintain your account.


Approve easily, even if you have poor/low/limited credit. Earn a reward of $0 annual fee. There is a free FICO® credit score on your monthly statement.


You must use a cash deposit to guarantee your credit limit. Bonus rewards in the 2% category are limited to $1,000 per quarter. There is no traditional credit card sign-up reward.

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